2019 cannabis predictions

5 Cannabis Predictions in 2019

2018 was a great year for medical cannabis and CBD oil. It’s safe to say that they’ve reached its tipping point. In fact, two out of three people in the United States are now supporting cannabis legalisation. This is due to the fact that there are countless of studies on the plant proving its medical benefits for treating a wide range of mental and physical conditions which has been an eye-opener for many people across the world.

1st Cannabis Prediction: More Consolidation Surround Medical Cannabis and CBD Oil – With the cannabis industry growing, there is more room than ever on the cannabis markets. So much so that large businesses like theCorona beer maker, Constellation and Marlboro owner, Altria are getting on board the cannabis movement. Between them, they have invested 5.8 billion dollars into the cannabis market. Other business behemoths are buying smaller businesses for a chance to increase their profitability and operational efficiency.

2nd Cannabis Prediction : In Two Years Most of America will Legalize CannabisGraham Boyd, director of New Approach PAC stated that

“Within the next two years, a majority of the United States will have adult-use legal cannabis and some of that, roughly half of that, could happen through state legislatures”.

In saying that, all states so far that have legalized adult use were done through a ballot initiative, not a legislature. It is however believed that States such as Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey will be carried out through the legislature.

3rd Cannabis Prediction: CBD oil will Become Mainstream – Between the beauty, food, sports, and medical industry, CBD oil (cannabidiol) will be hitting the shelves and it will become a common occurrence that you see CBD-infused products in your local store. Beverage companies such as AB InBev Bud and Coca-Cola are already on their way to creating CBD infused drinks. There are already plenty of beauty products such as lipsticks, foundations, and mascaras infused with CBD and the medical industry are already making a profit on their CBD topical creams. NFL players and other athletes are becoming CBD advocates because of its benefits in preventing and treating concussions and other various forms of sports injuries. So much so that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have added CBD to the list of drugs to facilitate. And this is only the beginning!

4th Cannabis Prediction: Big Pharma to Enter The Cannabis Bandwagon – With food and beauty companies joining forces with cannabis companies to create new products, Big Pharma are going to have to bring their A game by joining the movement too. Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, who is the senior research scientist at Katexco Pharmaceuticals stated

“While beverage and alcohol companies are joining the CBD bandwagon, it makes sense that big pharma will step in, too. Many pharmaceutical companies have identified small molecular weight and orally bioavailable agonists of cannabis. Of course, there will be a plethora of start-ups, but relatively few serious companies designing cannabis-derived drugs will make it far for the obvious reason that unlike “natural products”, new pharmaceuticals will take an average of 10 years to develop.”

5th Cannabis Prediction: More Scientific Research Behind Cannabis and CBD – With the popularity of CBD and cannabis growing, and with cannabis legalization becoming more widespread there is going to be more demand for information on the potential of medical cannabis. This will make it easier for researchers and scientists to do future in-depth studies seeing as cannabis will be more acceptable, making it easier to access. Nancy Whiteman, who is the Founder and CEO of Wana Brands stated

“The passage of the Farm Bill, which will open up the CBD market in 2019, will help accelerate research that will support cannabis overall. As we start to uncover the power of each specific cannabinoid, we will see more targeted treatment through very specific combinations of these cannabinoids,”

Just note, that while it’s looking promising for cannabis legalization, these are just predictions. All in all, the future of cannabis seems bright, but Ireland is still behind on its legalization in comparison to other countries across the globe. Keep up to date on the cannabis movement by subscribing to my newsletter or contact me directly.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any cannabis-based company, of any sort. My opinions and my experiences are my own and genuine.